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GUANGDONG NICCRO MACHINERY CO.,LTD follow the "integrity of others, quality-oriented, customer first" service concept. We firmly believe that Acer products will experience excellent quality, sincere service, return the majority of customers.

Edge furniture manufacturing jobs are an important step in the process. Edge quality directly affect product quality, price and quality. By Edge, can improve the appearance of good quality furniture, furniture, transportation and avoid the use of Ministry of damage during corners, veneer layer is off or falling off, while play a waterproof, sealed harmful gas release and reduce distortion and other effects, but also beautify the furniture, pleasant mood. raw materials used in furniture manufacturing enterprises are mainly particleboard, MDF and other wood-based panels, edge banding chosen mainly PVC, polyester, melamine and wood, etc. Different materials and specifications of Edge Edge using different equipment.

GUANGDONG NICCRO MACHINERY CO.,LTD specializing in the production of high quality automatic edge banding machine, to help enterprises to improve production efficiency, to make high-quality products. Our intention to make your peace of mind.